Monday, March 15, 2010

spring is coming

The rain has started. It is the rain that will coax all my sleeping plants out of the ground. I have already seen evidence of the earliest signs of spring. The crocus I planted years ago are out first-sending back messages to all the other sleepy plants that it is, for sure, time to start thinking about warm weather.

This week will be the time to clear out the garden and start adding some compost and a little sand to the soil.

The equinox comes on a Saturday-next saturday-March 20th. It will be time to plant lettuce. Hopefully we will get to eat some of the lettuce before the deer find out about it.

As much as I love every season I am always ready for the next season by the time it rolls around. The creeping change is barely percievable at first and then suddenly a new season opens up bringing its own weather and traditions. Hopefully I will have some photos to add-once I fix my laptop :)