Thursday, April 15, 2010


Spring came screaming in-shouting! I am here! Look at me! I am HERE! I have ARRIVED!

Wyatt wakes up and it only takes him about 10 seconds to look for shoes and run outside to greet his new best friend. Being 3 he must have forgotten it wasn't always cold out there.

The flowers are new. The buzzing beez are new too! There are already tadpoles in the pond and the birds are singing before the sun can rub the sleep out of its eyes.

easter was in full bloom.

There have been several days near 90 already-just a brief tease of summer.
We took full advantage-all of us have fresh new freckles to prove it.

I am so happy to be shaken from my cozy winter slumber. I was wallowing in it far to deeply. Now I raise the windows and leave the back door open all day. Birds have flown into our kitchen and back out to the bird feeders-its a frenzy of life. YES!

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Shona Leah said...

Such a lovely post, sigh spring!